VandenEnde Foundation



The VandenEnde Foundation is active solely in the Netherlands. In considering grant applications, its primary focus is on encouraging gifted young people to develop their talents by giving them study grants. Grant applications must fulfill certain conditions, which are described on the Applications page.

The Foundation does not provide grants for any other purposes or projects.

The VandenEnde Foundation: An entrepreneurial approach to cultural patronage


The mission of the VandenEnde Foundation is to promote entrepreneurship in culture. It pursues this aim by enabling talented young individuals to pursue opportunities for further development and by encouraging them to enrich the lives of others through their art. It also encourages cultural institutions to take new initiatives and to strengthen their entrepreneurship. To this end, the Foundation provides study grants, loans, and other financial resources.

In all its activities, The VandenEnde Foundation focuses on the Netherlands and/or those who are resident in the Netherlands.


The entrepreneur couple who created the VandenEnde Foundation, Joop and Janine van den Ende (known in particular from their companies Endemol and Stage Entertainment), were given – and seized – numerous opportunities in the course of their careers. They owe the position they occupy today to a happy mix of entrepreneurship and intuition. They are passionate in wanting to pass on their interest in, and commitment to, culture to subsequent generations. This was what drove them to set up the VandenEnde Foundation in 2001. They want to help ensure that young people can grow up in an atmosphere of respect for – and interest in – art and culture.

Over the years this private cultural fund has acquired a unique position in the cultural world of the Netherlands, where it has pioneered an entrepreneurial approach to cultural patronage.

DeLaMar Theater

The Foundation’s flagship project is the DeLaMar Theater in Amsterdam. This modern theater, which opened in 2010, represents the fulfillment of the dream long cherished by Joop and Janine van den Ende for their own center dedicated to the arts.

The DeLaMar Theater has two auditoriums, one seating 600 and a larger one that seats 950. Both have orchestra pits. The theater has eight spacious foyers and a grand café. The DeLaMar Theater stages a wide range of high-quality drama, musicals and other musical theatre, cabaret, lectures, and comedy.

Visitors can also enjoy the art that is on display. Janine van den Ende is the driving force behind a large collection of work by the influential photographers Koos Breukel, Hans Eijkelboom, Cuny Jansen, Erwin Olaf, and Viviane Sassen, made especially for the DeLaMar Theater. This collection, along with photographs by others, including Anton Corbijn and Rineke Dijkstra, is on view in the large entrance hall and the foyers.

As a private cultural building with a public function, our DeLaMar Theater exemplifies the fruitful marriage of culture and entrepreneurship to which the city of Amsterdam owes most of its most noteworthy cultural buildings.

Blockbuster Fund

In 2012 the VandenEnde Foundation took the initiative to set up the Blockbuster Fund, a joint venture with the Prince Bernhard Culture Fund, the VSB Fund, and the BankGiro Lottery.

The Blockbuster Fund underwrites – or extends loans for – unique, high-risk cultural initiatives that are aimed at a large, diverse public. A loan may be used to finance extra marketing activities to reach a larger public, which will boost  revenues. If the Foundation decides to underwrite a particular project, it can provide security in the unlooked-for event of financial setbacks in the implementation phase.

Underwriting makes it possible for a project to set more ambitious goals, since it is linked to the guaranteed purchase of admission tickets and other cultural products by the BankGiro Lottery, one of the founding organizations of the Blockbuster Fund.


The Foundation also supports unique cultural projects and institutions, such as the Concertgebouw, the Museum of Photography FOAM, and the national cultural education project More Music in the Classroom.

Over the years the VandenEnde Foundation has supported over 1,100 projects, with sums ranging from €600 for a gifted young performing artist who wants to attend an excellent summer course to €6 million for the new wing of the Stedelijk Museum Amsterdam and €100 million for the DeLaMar Theater.

For an overview of projects supported by the Foundation, please go to Projects and initiatives.